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Nancy S. Taft, Attorney & Counselor at Law

The decisions surrounding financial difficulties, family issues, and estate planning  should be made carefully and deliberately.  A bankruptcy can impact your life for some length of time. Family issues can follow you for years if a quality resolution is not found.  Making your or your loved one's last plans is difficult for most of us.  For all of these life events, it is important to hire an attorney that you trust to help you with the decision whether or not to move forward.  As we take this step together, let me tell you a little more about myself. 

My family has always had significant contacts with the Pacific Northwest.  I grew up in a middle class family where both the parents worked to support the family.   I attended Marysville High School and graduated in 1971, after which I went to Washington State University desiring to be a veterinarian.  As college students do, I changed my major and achieved an MBA in 1979.  My career started with Pacific Northwest Bell, and later AT&T and Lucent Technologies.  During my telecommunications career, I went to Seattle University and earned a Master of Software Engineering.  This career eventually led me to AT&T headquarters in New Jersey and when the technology bubble burst, I attended Seton Hall Law School in Newark, New Jersey, graduating in 2003.

After graduating from law school, I returned to where my extended family lives in Arlington, Washington to start my legal practice.  My practice consists of the areas where almost all people need legal advice at some point in their lives - financial issues, family issues and estate planning.  Helping people resolve the very difficult problems in these areas is a blessing to my life.  

I live in Arlington with my husband, golden retriever and cockatoo.  I have three adult children, two of which are “launched” and one attending the University of Washington.   In my free time I enjoy reading, volunteering at church, holding Bible studies, and community service. 

During our lifetime, my family and I have had personal experience with family and financial troubles.  I completely understand the stress these circumstances can put on a person and family.  Financial problems often spill over into every aspect life, including family and health.  While representing you, my goal will be to provide assistance to your particular issues and circumstances.  I am fortunate that this job allows me to meet with all sorts of people, help devise a plan to get them out of their difficulty, and counsel them for a brighter future.  There is nothing better than hearing from past clients who have recovered from their life difficulties and are living a better and restored life.

I offer a free initial consultation so that you can come in, meet with me and receive the personalized help that you need.  My services are individualized and provided at a reasonable price.  Please call today for your free consultation.  There is no obligation.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain as you step toward a brighter future.