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Personalized legal services in times of trouble.

At some point, each and every one of us and our families go through significant, and sometimes painful, transitions as we journey through life. 

Sometimes there are adverse financial situations. 

Sometimes our families go through crisis, emotion-filled breaks in relationships,  and difficult decisions.  

Sometimes we put off making the needed estate planning for our family's sake. 

The Law Offices of Nancy S. Taft are ready now to provide you with personalized and caring legal services during a time of trouble.  Contact us now at 325.436.0002 to discuss your options.

The  Law Offices of Nancy S. Taft offers services to individuals throughout West Texas in counties such as Scurry, Nolan, Fisher, Kent, Stonewall, Mitchell and many others.

Are you drowning in debt?  Are creditors hounding you day and night?  Is your home in foreclosure?  Are your wages being garnished? 

The bankruptcy laws exist so that people can have a fresh start.  There is no shame in the recognition that you need help to get back on track. 
Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy may be the answer. Help your family by seeking a solution and restoration to your financial problems.  Don't ignore them.  They won't go away on their own.

Contact the Law Offices of Nancy S. Taft today at 325.436.0002 for a free half hour initial consultation.

Is your marriage at a painful end?  Is child custody and support an area of contention?  Do you have assets and liabilities that need to be divided?

Divorce can leave people and families devastated if the transition is not handled with care and concern.   The best solution for the children and parents is not always easy to develop when emotions are running high. 

Contact the Law Offices of Nancy S. Taft  at 325.436.0002 now for personal, caring support and a free half hour initial consultation.

Have you thought about what your spouse and children would do if you suddenly died?   Do you want the State to decide what happens to your property after you die?   Are your parents aging before your eyes and have not  yet made a final plan?

Do not wait until the last minute.  Once this planning is completed, you will feel a satisfaction that you have done all you can to prepare for your family.

Contact the Law Offices of Nancy S. Taft at 325.436.0002 to prepare an estate plan designed specifically for you and your family. 

The Law Offices of Nancy S. Taft can see you through each one of these important and life-impacting transitions. 

Financial restoration can happen for you through a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy.  These were designed to give you and your family a financial fresh start. 

Family transitions - whether it be a divorce, adoption, child custody determination, child support concerns, or other family issues - happen at one time or another to the vast majority of people. 

Estate Planning should not be delayed.  We all eventually face the conclusion of life and the most compassionate person makes plans for his or her family's sake.

No matter what transition you are facing, the Law Offices of Nancy S. Taft can help you through it!  Call us today on 325.436.0002 for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.  We will get through your transition together!